Tuesday, April 6, 2010

18 seconds of fame on a bad hair day

I had 18 seconds of fame. Unfortunately they came when I looked like crap. I was out for a run heading down the main street of Palm Springs when a news crew stopped me. "Ma'm would you mind if we asked you a few questions?" Moi?! Really me? It's never me, it's always the person five steps ahead of me. Wow at last it was me! I was happy to be interviewed but not when I was in gym clothes, had sweat pouring down my t-shirt, no make-up on, my hair in a ratty ponytail and wearing my nerdy sunglasses. "Sure", I replied but , could I go home and fix my hair first?" They stared. I laughed and said I was kidding. I wasn't. They were from Channel 2 news and asked me questions about the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament that was in town for the weekend. "Does Palm Springs seem more crowded than usual?" "Does it help the economy?" "Do the crowded restaurants bother you?" All I could think about was my hair. And if I smelled.

I tried to be clever but probably wasn't. I would have preferred questions on health care or mid-term elections but I figured as long as the camera was rolling I should be happy. So it wasn't a "Meet the Press" moment, I was on TV.....with no lipstick or eye liner. I'm sorry Mom, you were right never leave the house without full make-up. Crap. They took my name and I started to jog away when it dawned on me I didn't ask when the piece would run. I was too busy thinking about my hair. And if I sounded whiney. I always sound whiney. Why did I stop for a news crew when I had bad bangs?

To watch or not to watch, this plagued me. I had become Hamlet without the good perks like a castle. I called my sister immediately. "Oh my God Terry I was just interviewed for TV, I screamed . But you watch for me I can't." "Are you crazy you have to watch." "I can't. Once I see how bad I looked and how whiney I sounded I'll never go out in public again. I'll become a hermit. I don't want to stay inside the rest of my life." I think I needed a Xanax. "I'll tivo it", she calmy responded. Whatever that meant. I didn't watch. I can't afford therapy. According to Andy Warhol I have 14 minutes and 42 seconds of fame left, hopefully I will be dressed better, and wearing lipstick.

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Anonymous said...

Put that blog with your "bests".

ARE YOU NUTS!" Some women look sexy when they work out - sweat, matted ponytail and all. You are one of them and I dare say I am a connoisseur of good looking and/or sexy women. If your sister got the video, watch it and bring a copy of it to Chicago. I would like to see it.

Remember the kid that wouldn't try the olive? Remember, "Eat the #$%^ olive? Watch the #$%^ video. Maybe next time it will be Meet the Press. Actually, they were the press so technically you could say you "Met the Press."

Now a moment for the things you should have said. "Screw Dinah Shore. Watch for my blog." - or-"What did Dinah Shore write?"-or-"Did a guy just run by here with an armload of makeup?"-"Man running a marathon without going outside the city limits is hell." I got nothing.